FC Duties & Promotions

We’re sure that you like to know what’s required of you to call it a job-well-done– I mean, who doesn’t?
Keeping up with the duties of a thriving community takes a lot of work, so in Ruby we’re doing things a little bit different than you’re probably used to.

The Duty Board

If you want to help the FC and get (and stay) promoted, you’ll need to check the Daily Tasks Duty Board daily in discord, located at #daily-duties. Here you can earn points by doing things to help FC, directly affecting your promotion status.

Getting Credit

After you’ve finished a task for the day, make sure you get the points for it:
  • Run .task # in #daily-duties and Tataru will grant you the points.
If you mess up and claim the wrong task or need to undo your claim to a task (for today):
  • Simply run .task undo #.


As stated above, working to help the FC affects your rank promotion status. Periodically (monthly) the Crown Council will audit the duty board reports for accuracy and balance. Those are located here: Tataru Reports UI