Captain, All Divisions, All Teams – (General Officer)

Job Category: Operations
  • Responsible for overseeing the maintenance and administration of:
    • A division team, (a maximum of 60 players)
      • 1 Airship/Submarine and its corresponding static teams
      • This may include a progressive raiding, PVP and/or a crafting team
      • Team personnel training and support
      • Team rapport and morale
  • Responsible for resolving or escalating technical or personnel issues reported to them
  • Responsible for conducting themselves ethically and professionally when performing the duties of this role

You must meet the requirements for this position on the Promotions page.

Apply for this position

* To apply, send a DM in discord to @Archpoet containing:
  + Name: Character Name
  + Why are you applying?
  + Detail your experience: