Weekly Treasure Hunts!!!

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Ello me Hardies, come join me an yer-udder fellow scalliwags on an excitin’ quest an a’venture. Come ye seekin’ fame o fortune… all be welcome ere.  Treasure Hunt Night has been officially(?) been moved to Thursday nights effective immediately!!! WE shall be starting at 10pm(ET) Sharp… er off te plank for ye… and be going until atleast 1am(ET) as to accommodate as many people who would like to join. If you would like to join for just one map or them all, we would be happy to have you along!! \(^.^)/  We shall be doing LVL 60 maps until the group feels confident and has progressed far enough to do LVL 70 maps, and eventually 80s. No pressure on that though lol. <3 <3  Love you guys and can’t wait for Thursday Night!!! Aarrrg… les go out an hunt for some booty!!

For any questions or concerns, please contact ME!! Kysa on either Discord @Kysa#8943 or In-game @Kysa Furreth Behemoth. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding either the event or just Treasure Maps in general to the best of my ability. Thanks <3<3<3